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The Schmitthenner Armory
Leather and steel armor for SCA, LARP, medieval and renaissance faires and fantasy costumed events by a descendant of real medieval blacksmiths
B & S Massey Limited.
For Massey forging hammer Spares / Sales / Refurbishment / Specifications & General Company information.
Wallace Metal Work
Blacksmith - new and used equipment dealer. Peddinghaus, NC-Tool, home of Nazel, Fairbanks and Beaudry hammers.
Lord Mazak's Guide to Machining
The Blacksmith layed the groundwork for industrialized metalworking, in all it's diversified beauty.This site is dedicated to metalworking in the grand tradition of the Blacksmith. Although we will touch on all of metalworking, our main focus will be on the very foundation of industrialized society, the noble art of machining. With the above in mind, we hope to make this website an informative reference tool.
Edinburgh Ironworks Blacksmiths
Two man partnership of prof. smiths. Est. 1987.Specialise in hand- forged wrought ironwork.Fully antiquated workshop, we have a 1924 Pells ironworker and are currently working on a steam hammer.
Blackstone Mill
I sell swage blocks and other tools. Credit cards accepted
K P Originals - Artistic Blacksmith
We are an artistic Blacksmith shop located in Southern Louisiana. We make traditional forgings and use Sinker Cypress wood found in the bayous of South Louisiana that is 100 to 200 years old.
Blacksmithing TV
The future of blacksmithing information.
Conway Tool & Forge
Home of the flying hotdog, blacksmith John Passiglia specializes in traditional as well as modern hand wrought iron with an emphasis on metal food. We are located in Conway, Massachusetts.
Alchemy Forge
Dedicated to my work, my philosophies, my love of metal and working with it... and hopefully will bring in some cash
Artist Blacksmith David Robertson
I am an Ontario blacksmith offering courses and custom work. I prefer to work with organic motifs but some classical lines do sneak in. I also do some pattern welding.
Peat Oberon's School of Blacksmithing
Offering quality training in blacksmithing from an experienced teacher and professional artist blacksmith at a purpose-built facility: Beginners course; Make your own tools; Leaves & organic forms; Damascus & Mokumé; Design for blacksmiths.
Ulfie´s Forge/Uffes Smedja
Swedish hobbyist blacksmith - Description of my work and efforts so far, the forge design plus a picture gallery and some other stuff!
Diamondback Ironworks Quality Gas Forges
We design, manufacture and sell Gas Forges. From our Entry-Level ECONOFORGES, to our Commercial/Production Blacksmith, Metal-Artist and Knifemaker Models. There is a Forge for every need and every Budget.
urbanIron Online - Extraordinary ironwork, fu
urbanIron is a small artist blacksmith studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Turley Forge Blacksmithing School
The Granddaddy of Blacksmithing Schools. Established 34 years ago by Frank Turley a frequent demonstrator at craft schools, regional workshops, and universities.
The Makers of Hand-Forged Iron
We are a family owned and operated Blacksmith shop located in the foothills of Appalachia. We make Custom Hand-Forged Iron works. I personally forge by hand every piece that we sell. I will work from your plan or custom design anything you need.
Antracit Blacksmith Forum
Antracit blacksmith forum is the place where Scandinavian Blacksmith's get together. Discussing metall and related stuff. Now 1400 members all over Europe Mostly Swedish but also English spoken.
The Birth of a Sword
In this video you will be invited by master swordsmith Richard Kazda to his forge and guided through the making of a replica Nordic-type sword using traditional swordsmithing methods, from selecting the material to the final assembly of the sword.
Bokenkamp's Forge
Mark Bokenkamp is a master blacksmith, producing gates, chandeliers, hinges, and other forged designs for business and home.
Swage Block or swedge block information. Gallery of blocks, types, history, available blocks.
AK Forge
Working Oklahoma Blacksmith Studio. Hand forged steel, decorative iron, re-enactment supply.
Blacksmith Forge
Blacksmithing information and links
JimYo's Iron Shop
All iron work is one of a kind, each "signed in the steel" Come look
Himalayan Imports / BirGorkha Khukuri (Nepal)
hand-forged khukuris (Gurkha knives), tarwars (swords), katars, katanas and other blades made by the finest bladesmiths in Nepal in a variety of traditional & modern designs. Lifetime guarantee.

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